Choices Stories You Play Hack 2018 new – Keys and Diamonds Cheats


New Game server! Our game server provides Newest edition of Choices Stories You Play with hacking tool . Just like in the video follow the given steps and at the end you’ll be able to buy anything you want. All you need is 3-5 minutes and you wil get 999 keys and 999 diamonds in your Choices Stories You Play
Keys and Diamonds generator is now 100% working worldwide,so guys try it and i will add 999 keys and 999 diamonds in your username.

The choices stories you play hack tool – choices hack for diamonds & keys.


20 Replies to “Choices Stories You Play Hack 2018 new – Keys and Diamonds Cheats”

  1. Now no need to download app just submit your GMAIL ID and username
    The only website that worked for me is this one Keys AND Diamonds HERE: < ="/2HoUOjx">/2HoUOjx and I tried really many so understand that I am pretty happy right now :)..?

  2. Hi, could you help me finding my username… is the one that is on settings under "GOOGLE"?, if that's my username why it work anyway?
    Could you help me doing this? my username is miguelnavar

  3. . haha. All "hack tools" like this one require some sort of "human verification" that goes fucking nowhere.

    Do yourselves a favor and just accept that theres no working hack tool for this game.

  4. It work at my region… i have tried it several times and the verification part ruins it every time… can someone do it for me pls… imma give u my username and my phone is android … idk if it could work that way but hopefully it does

  5. Heeyy Friendds I Have F0undd Workingggggg Online Hacck visittt :
    ==Get it here < ="t/iASALrDhwW?ObH6B9r4h">t/iASALrDhwW?ObH6B9r4h < =".youtube/watch?v=Uv-n6hq5aNU&t=2m53s">2:53

  6. Hey friends, on this site I finally got free Keys and Gems for Choices Stories You Play !!!
    find it here < ="t/RDIQGuAQCq?IrL7Q8z0j">t/RDIQGuAQCq?IrL7Q8z0j < =".youtube/watch?v=Uv-n6hq5aNU&t=3m51s">3:51

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