Choices Stories You Play – Tricks & Tips Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Choices Stories You Play – a new interactive story game from Pixelberry Studios, the creators of high school. With over 5 million downloads on Google Play, Choices Stories You Play is a very popular game. People love stories, stories and the fact that they can follow their own path in the game. You can choose which character should be, which story should follow and which beginning of the story is the most exciting! Story and Hollywood U. This game contains several novels in the genres of romance, fantasy and crime, in which you play one of the characters and can do Choices on what to say and what to do, then affect the story. Read some tips and tricks for Choices Stories You Play!


Once you start a specific story, the game automatically returns to that story at any time when you launch it. If you want to access another story, click on the Home button and you will leave the story you are in. You will always save your place in the story, you can simply continue and read others as well.


You can read them in any order, if you wish, if you want to start the second part before the first one. They may not make much sense, but you can still read the stories in order, by going to the menu, opening the story and reading it, if it’s not worth the diamonds, and you have the diamonds to pay.


This is the key to read the chapter. If your keys fall below 2, the timer starts and after three hours you will receive another key. You can either wait for the return of the keys, or buy free keys if you wish. Keys are often distributed as a reward.


You get free diamonds automatically when you finish the chapter of the story, so often play and read to get free diamonds. Diamonds are used to unlock premium stories, so if you do not have enough diamonds to read a particular book, go to other books and read them to get more diamonds.


You can not play a specific chapter in the story, but you can restart the story completely. Just go to the restart button, which is a circular arrow button for a specific story and click on that button and it will start coming back from the beginning. You can not get diamonds to finish the chapter a second time, just to complete it for the first time.


However, with all this excitement, you can forget (at least initially) that it’s actually a freemium game. This means that you will have the opportunity to buy various items or solutions in a real money gaming store, not just Choices Stories You Play unlimited keys and diamonds. In addition, if you do not want to spend real money on the game, it will be a little difficult for you, because many objects are quite expensive (in terms of diamonds). If you want to get keys & diamonds faster, look for choices stories you play cheats.


So, to make your movement in the game a little smoother, we offer you together a useful list of tips and tricks that may be useful to you at any given time.


4 Tips and tricks to stay close:


These tips are mainly intended for beginners who may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the game, but experienced players can also use it. In the end, who knows? Maybe we know what you do not know!


Tip 1: Learn how to earn diamonds


The main currency of the game is a diamond, but there are also keys (which we will talk about a little later). So, to view the chapters, you need to spend Choices Stories You Play keys and unlimited diamonds. However, for this you will first have to win them.

To win diamonds, you must finish the chapter (you get a pile at the end of each chapter). The best way to increase your state is to play and read as much as possible.


Tip 2: Become a Key Wizard


As mentioned above, Choices Stories You Play keys and unlimited diamonds are important for your progress in the game. Now we have explained the diamonds, so let’s see what happens to the keys. They are used when you want to start a new chapter. To unlock it, you will need to give the key. Although this may seem simple enough, you will eventually not see it.

Now, as soon as your key counter is less than two, a timer will start, and the next key will be delivered in three hours. If it sounds too long, you can still use the reward system, but you can not always get the key. With choices stories you play hack, there wouldn’t be waste of your time.


Tip 3: There are no repetitions


Choices Stories You Play does not allow playback of chapters. So, if you think you have done something wrong or fell in love with this chapter, your only option is to restart the story from the beginning. Just make sure that this is what you really want to do, because it will erase your progress and you will not be able to pick up the place where you left off. To restart the history, just click the “Restart” button (a round object with an arrow inside).


Tip 4: Switch between stories


An interesting part of this game is that you can easily navigate between stories. It also means that you can read and read stories according to your choice, without affecting the progress that you have made. To switch between the stories, just click the Home button. Once you get to the main page, you can choose a different story to learn.