Anonymous – Bill & Hillary Clinton: The Untold Story “Clinton Cash” Full Documentary


Anonymous – Bill & Hillary Clinton: The Untold Story “Clinton Cash” Full Documentary Movie
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Clinton Cash, is a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book that the New York Times hailed as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle.”

Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over 0 million, with over billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors.

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Get the “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich” book which inspired this film:

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60 Replies to “Anonymous – Bill & Hillary Clinton: The Untold Story “Clinton Cash” Full Documentary”

  1. In the cover photo Bill Clinton is pointing to a man . And he tells Hillary Clinton "See that man there? I'm gonna his wife tonight. Then we're gonna have him killed" Right after that the cunt told Bill to make that man me before you kill him. Cause bill 't even want that rotten pussy . Could you imagine looking down at her fugly Face during sex. Hell her eyes will go all cross eyed. And her head will start jerking around. Then she will freeze up.

  2. they were powerful enough to make Bernie Sanders go away and he was actually liked. The Dems would rather be on good terms with the clintons and loose the presidency to a gameshowhost than have a candidate that would WIN. That says it all about the corruption in american politics. They (the clintons) arent the cause of cancer they are the product! Please free the world of the Bushes and the Clintons alike

  3. Hillary Clinton is a Jew She does what she does because she is a Jew    All of the talk and the hoopla are just a sideshow to amuse the masses    at the end of the day  her "agenda"  is the criminal "Jewish" agenda of  " White Genocide"

  4. These two soulless ALIENS, no heart , No conscience, No character. A match made Hell. They feed of eachothers wickedness. Capitalism is the problem, EVil DOERS like These two greedy monsters are.

  5. You Killery .I want to on your head. And in your mouth. .Her eyes are so cold and dark. She is the face of evil.The Clinton's will have you killed if you cross them. So yea YOU CUNT . I hope you die very soon .And take that cocksucker of a husband with you.

    Come on Republicans VOTE Democrat, I am sick and tired of getting FUCKED

  7. Watch what the Clintons in Haiti- they left the people without food and water. The only improvements they made was to a street in Haiti that was affected by the hurricane. The money that was supposed to go for relief was rerouted as bribes so that Hillary's brother -Rodham-could obtain the gold mining rights in Haiti. OUTRAGEOUS!!! Thieves, rapists, murderers, traitors, mendacious, etc. etc. The Clintons cannot be Libeled.

  8. people that wanted her to be president needs to watch this… if they actually think trump is so bad it would really be so horrible if she won. her and bill just say what people want to hear to win the votes.

  9. How do you use teaching textbooks with your girls? I know some just use the discs. Some make their kids do the workbook and then make the kids enter it into the computer. What have you found that works best?

  10. We've used Grammar for the Well Trained Mind for my 7th grader this year. It's phenomenal!! Just a recommendation. Writing still has me stumped though…no good recs there.

  11. you use much of WWS? My 13yo son is using it and liking it but I have read ahead and I have a feeling its going to become too burdensome.

  12. I always feel guilty for switching curriculum for some reason, but I'm happy I'm the only one that is willing to just switch up as soon as it's working!

  13. I love that you’re going to get a massage!! I think I want to treat myself to something like this too!! Great video, can’t wait to see your new curriculum video soon!

  14. My oldest is in 6th grade right now, but grammar has been one we struggle to stick with. I have switched several times too 😆. I decided to try the good and the beautiful LA for her 7th grade, I hope we like it. I'm fine with my other 3 younger ones for for now, I may switch them to the good and the beautiful later. I will have a 1st, 2nd, 4th and 7th graders for our next school year. Will you combine the good and the beautiful science for both girls? Will your oldest also have an independent high school science curriculum?

  15. Thank you for sharing! As someone just starting out it's comforting knowing that it's okay to switch it up if what you start with isn't working.

  16. I’m glad to know that I’m the only one switching when all goes wrong. We used EIW at the end. It’s ok, funny thing I was going to suggest EIW because it’s on video. We love The Good & The Beautiful in the lower levels. We use both. 🤷🏽‍♀️ We are purchasing the Dave Ramsey middle school money management as well.

  17. This video was fantastic! I learned nothing from history in high school. I learned from the books my grandpa gave me and all the museums he took me to. I ended up getting my BA in history when I went to college. So go with what works!

  18. you know the good and the beautiful offers a few grade of the language arts for free. go to the website to check it out. they are downloads only though. you still have to pay for physical products.

  19. Essentials in Writing with Matthew Stephens is a DVD led program that covers both grammar and writing! We have used it for several years.

  20. You can absolutely count SOTW as high school. Just add in some extra literature and readings and some writing or some research projects. Just "Beef" it up by what you expect as far as projects. My daughter struggled with history and it took her 4 years to get the hours done to count as history. And she turned around and studied two weeks and passed the history CLEP test and therefore have to take history in college. I quit worrying after that.

  21. Check into Essentials in Writing. I just ordered it for my third grader. They also have high school levels and literature. They are DVD lead! It includes grammar and writing.

  22. If you're wondering what's going on at < =".youtube/watch?v=dWPIjRdwHSI&t=1h08m32s">1:08:32, I'm using my new stream deck and that bar on the bottom is our stream layout! Cool huh? If you want to see the content being streamed live, head over to follow me at < ="">

  23. Glad to see you are back playing FFXV. Its is one of my favourites, I was disappointed you stopped playing it, please finish it, it is a story that you will never forget.

  24. Just finished the video from start to end. Good stuff.

    And the release iteration of XV was more like a game in development for +2.5 years so for a terribly long time. It was announced in 2006 though, hence the 10 years meme but it kept getting rebooted and directors got changed, and the story got changed. Release XV looks completely different from the Versus announcement trailer in 2006.

  25. Hey Briiii! Does a bad imitation of deep voice. Fingerguuuuuns! Haha! This is one of my favorite parts of the FFXV playthrough. Can't wait for tomorrow when you start the "new game" sandwiched between God of War and Horizon. You have my continual support always. xD Gonna celebrate my Birthday with you tomorrow when I pop in your stream again. <3 Keep up the awesome streaming Bri and much love to ya!

  26. Looks out at completely barren part of the map where nothing exists.

    Thinks to self, "I'd be wasting my time if I go there."

    Thinks to self, "'t be stupid, there's nothing there you, dumb sh*t. 't you dare go."

    Thinks to self, "You are the craziest, out-of-control douchebag if you move that f*cking video game character into that desolate edge of the map that CLEARLY has no purpose outside of informing insane people like you that the map has an end."

    Checks anyway and finds nothing.

    Thinks to self, "You're so pathetic."

    lol I relate to this so hard! xD

  27. I know that some people hate on this game, but i really loved it. One of the few games that really made me reflect and think back on the journey and characters once I finished. Sure, it isn't as polished as other recent games but I felt the connection to the story and had a great experience playing it.

  28. The problem is that square butchered and screwed this game up royally, Brianna. It was originally another game and another story but because square wanted this to run on a specific engine that almost bankrupted them, the investors threatened to pull their support if they 't release this game in 2016.

    Then they changed directors to one who is notorious for cutting content and releasing them later.

    That's why this story makes zero sense and the story feels rushed and important characters feeling bland and flashed out like the Emperor, Luna, Ravus and other supporting characters.

  29. Ravus was branded a traitor by the empire and scheduled for execution. He was planning on returning King Regis’ sword so yeah.

  30. That was the most genius thing I’ve ever heard 🙂 Also, look at that Twitch sub goal. That is a nice sub goal. That’s one smeshed sub goal. Once again, Bri, congratulations on just recently passing 405 subscribers on Twitch. Bravo.

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